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2 January 1989
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I came to livejournal to get away from the stereotype and fake personalities and people on myspace.
I needed somewhere to let everything out,and to meet friends who will listen and help =] whilst me doing the same back.
I'm sick up of the hypocricy and wish everyone would be themselves and stop changing with the latest fads.

"When i was a little girl," says Holly, "I would take my mothers blusher brush"- and right there you might think she's about to reminisce in Anne Of Green Bables tones about her golden childhood- "I would take my mothers blusher brush and shove it up my ass." She pauses. "No," she says delicatly, "not shove.I would insert it in my ass."
I was about to eat the fruit i'd brought at the corner stand for breakfast, a mango, or is it a papaya? Instead I put it back in its brown bag.
Cherries in the snow-Emma Forrest